This article explains how to use the built-in 4-channel @ 10 bit A/D converter lines

The A/D converter input lines are available on the following pins:

Signal Description CORE9G25
3.3V 3.3 volt power line W24
AVDD Clean 3.24V out for A/D circuitry  
VREF A/D voltage reference input W19
AGND Analog GND  
AD0 Analog input 0 W20
AD1 Analog input 1 W21
AD2 Analog input 2 W22
AD3 Analog input 3 W23
GND Digital GND W1

By wiring the VREF pin to AVDD or VDD (max 3.3 volt) it's possible to read a max voltage of 3.24 volt with a resolution of 10 bit (1024 samples). In this way the max sample resolution we obtain is about 3.24V/1024 ~= 3mV.

On VREF no voltage higher than 3.3 Volt can be applied. If you need to read a higher signal use a schematic like this:

Reading the A/D converter lines:

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