This page contains the ready-to-use binary files to create bootable SD or microSD for the alle the CORE9G25 boards.

To know how to create a bootable microSD read: How to create a bootable microSD from binary repositories.


Version A4

Full features EmDebian Wheezy Grip distribution

  • Changelog

    Released at 2013.11.9

    Version A4
    Disabled the DRAM autorefresh
    SPI.0 bus enabled
    ablib preinstalled
    Version A3
    AT91Bootstrap 3.5.3-CORE9G25-1.1 (bootXXX.bin)
    Linux Kernel 3.11.6
    EmDebian 'Wheezy' 7.2
    Preinstalled packages:
      netbase net-tools ethtool udev iproute iputils-ping ifupdown
      isc-dhcp-client ssh locales adduser nano less wget dialog
      python python-serial python-smbus lighttpd php5-cgi git-core
      make gcc libjpeg-dev libv4l-dev libnss-mdns shellinabox
  • Download

    At the CD, we provide the system image file.

    core9g25.dtb    09-Nov-2013 11:49     16K     
    boot128.bin    09-Nov-2013 11:26     16K     
    boot256.bin    30-Oct-2013 01:12     16K     
    image.bin    09-Nov-2013 11:25    1.6M    
    rootfs.tar.bz2    09-Nov-2013 12:37    108M

    If you don't have the new version system image, please contact us( for the download website.

  • Installation

    Copy the kernel directory files on the first microSD partition then rename boot128.bin or boot256.bin in boot.bin.

    Extract the tar file in rootfs directory using:

    sudo tar -xvjpSf rootfs.tar.bz2 -C /media/$USER/rootfs

    login: root
    password: root

    The instruction to obtain these executable files from sources are available on:


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