This article illustrates how to install an FTP server on a CORE9G25 board.

The content of this article comes from this Debian article: Setting up an FTP server on Debian.

There are several different FTP servers packaged within Debian, one of the most popular servers around is proftpd, and that can be installed upon CORE9G25 board with:

debarm:~# apt-get update
debarm:~# apt-get install proftpd

After the installation the server will be running, and will grant access to all user accounts upon the host.

Create a new user (for example sergio) on your CORE9G25 board.

debarm:/home/tanzilli# adduser sergio                                           
Adding user `sergio' ...                                                        
Adding new group `sergio' (1001) ...                                            
Adding new user `sergio' (1001) with group `sergio' ...                         
Creating home directory `/home/sergio' ...                                      
Copying files from `/etc/skel' ...                                              
Enter new UNIX password: mypassword1234
Retype new UNIX password: mypassword1234
passwd: password updated successfully                                           
Changing the user information for sergio                                        
Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default                             
        Full Name []: Sergio Tanzilli                                           
        Room Number []:                                                         
        Work Phone []:                                                          
        Home Phone []:                                                          
        Other []:                                                               
Is the information correct? [Y/n] y

Now switch to this user and move on its home directory:

debarm:~# su sergio                                                             
sergio@debarm:/root$ cd                                                         

Now create a file in this directory to see when we'll get access remotely via a PC using an FTP client.

sergio@debarm:~$ echo "This is my content" > myfile

Get the FTP access from a Windows PC

You should reboot the board after you set it.

Explorer is the default utility provided on Windows to manage the files and directory on your hard disk.

You can use it also to get access to a remote files on a FTP server. Open Explorer by a double click on My Computer icon then type ftp://board_ip_address on the path field and type Enter.

A message box with a request for user and password is request by explore. Insert the user name and password you have just created on your CORE9G25 board an you will be the access to the home directory of that user.

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